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When a dispute arises between you and a consumer, You can either resolve it with a duel or a court battle or you could be progressive and use the correct process.

For Strained Customer Relations

The perfect way for selected businesses with high standards and impeccable integrity to ensure the resolution of all issues and disputes (including contractual and delivery issues and default payments) between service/goods providers and their clients and customers.

What you should know

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation is simply a process whereby two disputing parties make use of a third, neutral party to assist them in negotiating the issues and searching for a settlement.

In simple terms, an arbitration court is a private, civil court in which the final decision is final, subject only to the revision of the Supreme Court. It can handle any dispute that does not have any bearing on status (marriage, insolvency, etc.) It sets its own rules of procedure and has its own judges, referred to as arbitrators.

The process referred to as med-arb, being the process used by CCT, is a combination of the above two. The process starts of in a mediation phase in which the opposing parties with the assistance of a mediators make earnest effort to resolve the dispute and reach a settlement. If successful, this settlement is then converted into an award. If unsuccessful, the process progresses into a full-fledged arbitration in which the arbitrator hears the case and considers all the available evidence after which an award is made.

This award is final and is not subject to appeal.

The award has the same status as a court order. It can, however, only be executed through the court process after it has been converted into a court order. This is done with a simple application.


Three sets of rules are available to be selected to serve the best interest of the parties:

Comprehensive Debt Compromise

Provides a model whereby debt-ridden persons are provided the opportunity to take the initiative to rehabilitate and empower themselves

Simplified Rules for small claims

Designed for small claims and making it easier, quicker and less expensive for the parties.

Desktop Rules for "remote claims"

These rules provide for instances where parties are resident far from each other, making it very difficult to attend proceedings in person.


Claims Tribunal

The Consumer Claims Tribunal CNP (CCT) is a company not for profit with the vision of making mediation and arbitration in terms of the Arbitration Act available for day to day issues arising between consumers and service/goods providers. Until now it has been the reserve of the elite, the rich and the big companies and institutions. It has also been reserved for intricate and complex disputes with retired judges, council and specialists acting as arbitrators.

Planning Is Security

Consumer protection

The prime aim of CCT is to provide fair and just adjudication for both parties with the least possible delay at the lowest possible cost. This implies that the weakest party necessarily needs to be protected. Measures to ensure this include the following:


The parties (especially the defendant) must know and understand that claims are subject to med-arb.

Level Playing Field

The costs involved in the process should not be prohibitive and as low as possible

Retain Legal Rights

The parties must at all times retain their rights and access to the Small Claims Court and such other remedies as provided by law.

Fair and Unbiased

The parties must receive a fair, unbiased and just hearing and the arbitrator has to support the parties herein.


The consumer must have fair opportunity to state his or her case and the arbitrator must render the necessary assistance to ensure this.

Thorough Notice

The consumer must receive due and thorough notice of the med-arb proceedings, i.e. information on what the issues are

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