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The Consumer Claims Tribunal CNP (CCT) is a company not for profit with the vision of making mediation and arbitration in terms of the Arbitration Act available for day to day issues arising between consumers and service/goods providers. Until now it has been the reserve of the elite, the rich and the big companies and institutions. It has also been reserved for intricate and complex disputes with retired judges, council and specialists acting as arbitrators.

Small commercial enterprises and consumers have been left with one single recourse and that has been through the courts system. Legal costs and the enormous time it takes to finalise matters have, however, placed civil courts out of reach for normal citizens and left the desire for “equality before the law” an unreachable goal.

Specific reference should be made to the destruction of the lives of millions of consumers and their families following legal action waged on them by sectors like the banking sector, micro lending and other consumer credit providers. The clash between the ruthlessness of civil jurisprudence and the rising consumer protection culture has been creating an untenable situation for some years now. The solution to this crisis is alternative dispute resolution as promoted by CCT and the best place to start is with the sectors mentioned above.

By providing the necessary infrastructure,oversight, administrative and organisational support, CCT endeavours to create a culture of discussion and negotiation between disputing parties to ensure that justice is dispensed

  • as cheaply
  • and quickly as possible
  • in such a way that both parties have equal opportunity to participate in the process to ensure fair and just resolution of issues.

CCT consist of an Secretariat (handling the administrative functions) and a panel of mediators and arbitrators who are subject to a strict Code of Conduct. All matters are handled strictly in accordance to the selected Rules of CCT.

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